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PRODUCT QUALITY GUARANTEE  Gracie's takes its quality control very seriously. If for some reason you believe you have received a product from us that does not meet the highest standard in product quality, return the cookies to us and we will replace them for you.

ALLERGY ALERT Gracies makes no committment to having a nut free product. Some cookies do not contain nuts and we can inform you which cookies those are, but we have nuts in our production facility and can not guarantee that no cross contamination has occurred

Cookie Storage Instructions   ALWAYS!!! Remove cookies from the cardboard box you recieved them in and place in an air tight sealed container

 For storage up to three weeks cookies can be refrigerated. For longer storage they are best frozen (do not remove more frozen   cookies than needed for one serving as refreezing shortens their shelf life)

To keep flavors from transferring, cookies with distinct flavors should be wrapped in plastic or stored in separate containers. Cookies to separate are kinds with: Coffee, Mint, Rum, Peanut Butter, Ginger or Lemon flavors



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