Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Gracie's Christmas Cookies:


Why do you have two websites?

We have two websites to accommodate different orders.  You'll find they work slightly differently.

1). for PICK-UP.  We have different locations where you can pick-up your cookies.  You can choose cookies and mix and match quantities with 1/4 dozen as the minimum per variant.

2). for SHIPPING.  This is ideal for shipping cookies directly to friends and family.  Because of the size of packaging, these cookies are packed in pre-determined numbers.  There is also a minimum order quantity (MOQ).  The timeline to fulfillment is also different. 

If you want your cookies immediately, try the PICK-UP option.


 How long will these cookies stay good for?

Our cookies are freshly made.  If stored properly, they can last up to twelve (12) months frozen, and three (3) months in a refrigerator.  See storage tips below.


 What is the best way to store these?

Step 1:  TRANSFER cookies from original box to an air-tight container.
Step 2:  SEPARATE cookie kinds to keep flavors from melding into each other. Mint, lemon, rum balls should be kept in their own containers.
Step 3:  CHILL cookies in a refrigerator to keep for up to three (3) months.  FREEZE cookies in a freezer to be kept for up to twelve (12) months.


 What if I'm unable to pick-up my cookies on the pick-up day I chose?

Email to reschedule your pick-up to another location.  Please give us at least 3 to 5 days notice to accommodate this.  We also have a shipping option to avoid the need to come down and pick-up your cookies.


 What do I need to bring on the day of cookie pick-up?

You can claim your cookies by showing us your email confirmation.  This can be a printed copy or a copy on your phone.  We use this to verify your order and ensure the right cookies go to the right people.


Can I pre-order and pay when I pick up?

No. You can pay on-site if you order on-site. But our pick-up function requires payment first to avoid wastage when customers pre-order and don't pick up their cookies. Pre-ordering with pre-paying also ensures the speed of service to avoid large crowds and long waiting times at our locations.


Are your cookies allergen free?

All products are made in a facility that processes NUTS and DAIRY. We recommend you avoid them if you have allergies to these products.