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About Us...

Gracie's was started in 1985 by Grace Frey. The idea came as a brain wave to supply the bakery shop she had been working in before she married her farmer husband. From those small beginnings, Gracie's has grown into the renowned cookie maker it is today. Grace and her staff of 30 people are still 'hand-making' the cookies she is now famous for

Over thirty kinds of cookies are made each year. The finest of ingredients combined with the highest standards in quality control creates a product that consistently meets the customer's expectations year after year. For many people the Christmas traditions would not be complete without an assortment of these cookies on their kitchen table.

Today the majority of Gracie's Christmas Cookies are sold at the St.Jacob's Farmers market in "St. Jacob's Country" just outside of Waterloo, Ontario. The rest of the cookies are sold at Craft Shows at various centers throughout south western, Ontario. Many customers visit these shows and markets for the sole purpose of picking up their yearly supply of Gracie's Christmas Cookies. 

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